Paris in the fall

September 27, 2006

paris sofia style
(via nytimes)

A private fitting with Azzedine Alaïa, sipping on an allongé at Café de Flore, shopping for fresh cut flowers, a slow stroll through le Jardin du Luxembourg with a boxful of patisseries…yes, a charmed life.


Girls and boys, F-Troupe

September 21, 2006

(photo from F-Troupe)

New York was a jolly good time. Hit up the usual but few haunts, with measured success. The Topshop Unique collection at Opening Ceremony afforded many a cute number, and I ended up getting a black cotton wrap dress (made in GB, actually), but was enamored of all the designers and beautiful creations OC had amassed from Scandinavia this season (too many good ones to name).

There was also a sizeable army of F-Troupe shoes that made me googly-eyed. The little booties continue to be adorable, but good news for the boys the mens collection of sneakers is quite nice as well. I thought I was done with shoe/boot buying for this season, but may have to reconsider: for me the Ella boot, K31 bootie, and Alessandra are good places to start.

Must see

September 15, 2006

(Photo courtesy Loki Films)

Boys of Baraka, a documentary from directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, premiered on PBS POV this week, and it is absolutely a must see for all. The duo’s latest film Jesus Camp opens nationwide today.

Hats off to the pouf

September 14, 2006

FacehunterFacehunter FacehunterFacehunter
(photos from Facehunter)

The smock/bubble/tent/child dress (whatever you want to call it) can be seen everywhere as captured by my favourite street style documentarist. A forgiving cut, the benefits of such are obvious (ie eating like a glutton) -though a pair of svelte stems can really help. Volume is certainly a more welcome trend than excess skin, but it’s as difficult a look to pull off. Worn in this manner, volume is overwhelming to my frame and it’s a little frightening how freakishly childlike and weird I look in dresses like these. Damn those extra pleats and gathers. Very cute, but not altogether alluring…

Upward and onward

September 12, 2006

(Photo via Misericordia)

Misericordia keeps growing as does awareness of ethical consumerism. Says Aurelyen Conty, co-founder of Misericordia in this Herald Tribune article:

“Look, my goal isn’t to make the best product in the world but to have the best process in place for the people behind it. And to turn the best profit for them,” Conty said. “This is a luxury project but the luxury is in the human value, not necessarily the product. The quality of what we make comes from the quality of our working conditions.”

An attitude that should only be the norm.


The true good stuff

September 11, 2006

(Mary Ping s/s 2007 photo courtesy of Coutorture)

Foregoing the allure of spectacle, some designers take the road less travelled -with sexy results!

Thank you!

The local wildlife

September 9, 2006

(photo via Hastings+Main)

Dressing in the in-betweens can be a tedious task. The mornings here are brisk, but the past few afternoons/evenings have been balmy and very Indian summer. I tend to dress on the side of too warm, as it can be pretty miserable being underdressed in pre-fall temps. I always find that light dressing with the accessories of fall can be a pretty good way of negotiating this grey area.

This Hastings+Main dress is perfect for this time of year. A nice part of the collection this Fall is done in a haphazard and rumpled silk with a refined fall palette of mustard, forest green, aubergine, black and beige. A matte mustard silk blousy tube top with black silkscreened ferns has been in heavy rotation of a friend’s summer wardrobe for a couple years, and I have to say that everytime she wears it, I think, “wow, what a beautiful top.” The pieces in the fall collection are nice and drapey with just the right amount of a slouchy and more subversive brand of femininity.