April 3, 2008

to Lykke Li.

Totally rocking the Acne Niara sandals. Lucky girl.


I just moved on Monday to a new house. I arrived in Holland with three suitcases packed to the brim with my near and dear things which consisted mostly of clothing and shoes. My first landlord who was a terrific asshole commented several times on the volume of my stuff which was a particularly sore spot since I had only had to uproot myself from my home of seven years and purge my worldly possessions in order to move overseas. Man I hate that asshole, but we are done with him. However while packing my things I realized how much our stuff had increased and I began to feel a slight sense of panic. The ideal of minimalism is a difficult one to live by, more so when one loves clothing and shoes as deeply as I do. Despite attempts at living simply, repeat trips to Antwerp and Amsterdam had inflated my inventory of stuff and increased my shoe quantity to a full two garbage bags. Boyfriend one garbage bag of clothing, me six…or seven -which is still decent by many girls’ standards.

The daily rotation of clothing is probably limited to the use of twenty percent of my wardrobe, but I can’t help but love beautiful things. I should just stick to pining and not buying. Which is what I will do with shoes from now on -and I pine for these Rachel Comey wedges from Impulse.  Oh the brogue detailing and the curve of the wedge heel…