I’ll bite

August 28, 2006

(via Acne Jeans)

I tried on the Acne Hug Blackness jeans yesterday, and I was surprised at what a great cut they are. I had figured they were meant for the tall and lanky, but lo and behold the short and petite can wear them too. The style is strangely liberating in the looseness, and I was impressed at how sharp they look despite the exaggerated carrot shape with the slouchy waist/high/thigh area and very tapered bottom. After years of tight-ass jeans, wearing looser denim will be a welcome change, but might take some getting used to.

Yes, the carrot jean I’ll definitely bite. (I went a size down from my regular skinny denim size in the Hugs).

Conversely, am also quite taken with the high waist Tube jeans. The lovely variety!


Catherine the Great

August 27, 2006

(photo from NYtimes)

Catherine Keener is so damn magnificent. Check out her interview (albeit brief) and photo spread in today’s T Style Magazine.

(via Nine West)

Vivi’s Auntie shoe for the Vivienne Westwood/Nine West collection = Cute, cute, cute.

Clearing the closets

August 25, 2006


A random search for “Rachel Comey” on eBay turned up this nice little galaxy silk top. I clicked the “watch item” button and returned to it a couple days later to discover, upon closer inspection, that this item along with a whole slew of other castoffs originate from the closet of Tori Spelling. Weird. Very weird, especially since it comes from a personal wardrobe rather than say, a production wardrobe. There’s just something funny about the whole thing.

Perhaps a more appropriate (and altruistic) place for these items would be a local charity shop, as Hilary Alexander’s Telegraph article reports:

Indeed, in affluent neighbourhoods across the land, charity shops are benefiting from celebrity boredom; the malaise afflicting the rich and stylish who spend a fortune on clothes and accessories they will only wear once or twice. There is only so much storage space – even in a six-bedroomed, four-storey Georgian townhouse or sprawling 16th- century manor – where you can keep all those Dolce & Gabbanas, Versaces, Manolos and Guccis. Some of it has to go – and generally it goes straight to the local Oxfam, Barnado’s, Sue Ryder, Cancer Research UK or British Heart Foundation outlet, albeit generally dropped anonymously in the ubiquitous black bin-liner by a friend or the cleaning lady.

Generally, it should go to the Salvation Army or similar thrift store. If a celebrity Oscar dress can be donated to an Oxfam charity shop in an effort to aid and feed children in Tanzania for a month, shouldn’t some ordinary clothes and even pajamas go there too? Tori’s auctions are really racking up some green; perhaps the proceeds are going to charity and they just forgot to mention it? I hope so.

Sunshine, my only sunshine

August 24, 2006

(Photo from Sunshine & Shadow)

The ensemble on the right is the most splendid fall outfit. I’ve been looking foward to seeing the Sunshine & Shadow collection since the beginning of the summer, and it does not disappoint. The dress is simply adorable.

‘Mystery with manners’

August 23, 2006

Borne‘s fall line is looking good. Super classic, clean, with a couple special details sprinkled throughout. Women young and old can really work Borne clothing.

Fall is taking shape quite nicely. I was lamenting how crisp the air is already, but perhaps I should embrace what looks to be a beautiful season ahead.

Poetry in a messy room

August 18, 2006

Also a post otherwise known as Convergence of interests III, as they truly come together here. What does a clotheshorse do with a closet overwhelmed with clothing, a messy bedroom strewn with clothes from ceiling to floor? How do I keep my necklaces from getting tangled and knotted, and keep my prized garments at their very best? Traditional storage avenues just don’t cut it; creative and functional design is desperately needed in the attempt at keeping my room clean.

mi-workshop, a san diego based architecture and design operation, has some truly beautiful and strikingly simple pieces that would definitely address my messy room issues. I am terrible at hanging clothing at the end of a long day, and am wont to accumulate clothes on chairs, on the floor, hanging of doorknobs, etc. The Phil ladder is an ingenius and obvious solution to this problem as its rungs would be a much better substitute than the floor. If you have a penchant for prints and colours in clothing, it would make an amazing display for one’s wares.

Similarly, the run-of-the-mill jewelry box don’t cut it either. Again there is a clever solution: the Ray shelf with its multiple knobs for hanging chains and necklaces prevents tangles, and there’s a handy mirror for a last once-over before leaving the boudoir. All the mi-workshop pieces are so precise and intuitive; the details convey the designer’s acute sensitivity to and understanding of the everyday lives of ordinary people (and in particular, those who appreciate good design).

This past spring, I saw a documentary film entitled Danish Design that profiled 18 Danish designers, craftsmen, and architects in an attempt to answer “What is Danish Design?” One statement made in the film that struck a great resonance with me was something architect Dorte Mandrup Poulsen said: that the purpose of design is “finding poetry in everyday life.” So perfectly articulated, nothing more need be said -only that mi-workshop exemplifies this statement.