To all things ordinary

June 11, 2009

i was having a low week last week.  my life is non-existent.  school is everything and at the same time means nothing if i’m slightly miserable.
but on a particularly blue day i received a square brown envelope with an ‘air mail’ ink stamp and opened it to find your beautiful zine.
it’s reassuring.  the colours, content and layout.  the smell of the ink is amazing too.  i have to close my eyes every time i breathe it in; the smell of ink is something i love deeply and reminds me of the wrapping paper from japanese department stores.
i love it.  it is really the perfect thing for me.  it’s just perfect, really.
it says a lot without saying anything in particular.  it doesn’t try too hard.
really nice job, kara.

i’m homesick for familiarity, for being able to navigate through dealings in my own language, the endless possibility of north america.  i feel constantly faced with having to make something extraordinary, something beyond what i love,  to imbue everything with stories and to always have to answer, ‘why?’  why can’t something simply be ordinary and beautiful?

i do a lot of what’s going on in the book and reminds me that i’m not alone in it.  thank you.  i kind of want to carry it around wherever i go.


Salton Sea

June 4, 2009

From here.