Tschuss to shoes

July 23, 2007

While I’m reluctantly beginning to post my prized boots on eBay, waving a sad goodbye as I continue to purge my possessions in order to live minimally, I had to say an upbeat “hello!” to these stunners from Cabane de Zucca. Yes, I’m getting rid of stuff to lighten the load and save up some cash, not spend it and gain more stuff. But if I were to succumb, it would be to boots like these. I often daydream about stomping around town in a chic outfit but rough-and-tumble boots, and these fit the bill. I’d imagine they would age so gracefully…



July 20, 2007


I picked up a book of postcards in Berlin by UK illustrator Andrew Rae, but I couldn’t bear breaking up the set and sending them away. Sadly my favourite one, a simple ‘to do’ list, was noticeably missing from the pack. Menacing and odd illustrations to send only to your worst enemies and best friends.

Colour me balls

July 19, 2007

I have a weakness -I must admit- for all things colourful and round, and that is why I absolutely adore Lisa Levine‘s harvest moon pendant adorned with multicoloured seed beads. Only ten of each colour were made, making this piece oh so covetous. It is something I feel I would have found as a child in my mum’s costume jewellery box while digging for accessories to go with my dressup outfit.

I could wear that necklace with my wool gumball bag and look very cheerful.

We meet again

July 19, 2007

APC’s 2008 winter collection has as always some stellar plain jane pieces. Boring in the most awesome way.
These pieces in particular I adore and will be mine:

Anorak attack!

July 18, 2007

I love the breezy windbreaker. Though disguised as a practical garment for outdoorsy types, the new anorak is gloriously so much more. I had not been able to find the perfect noncommital cut in the perfect fabric until now, and lucky me two options have presented themselves:

Maria Bonita Extra‘s fall line has an anorak that captures billowyness at its best.
And glory of glories, msg.‘s version in a textured black floral twill can contort itself into different shapes.