Don’t believe the hype?

November 28, 2006

(Photo from M. Facehunter)

Seen adorning celebrities on the red carpet, and facehunted in Stockholm, the Serpent dress from French Connection seems like the little dress that could. I think it’s a very cute party dress and was considering it as my holiday dress, but know full well it could never be solely mine. It’s everywhere. It’s a bit of a conondrum because I rarely wear things others may own, but if I do, they’re always basics that the whole world probably has. This one though is an outfit in and of itself, and is easily identifiable by anyone who may walk past a French Connection storefront or keeps tabs on fashion news.

The question is: can a piece be original despite the masses owning it? As a general rule, I say, “Wear what you love!” but my love for something definitely dwindles a bit when the originality is not there. Will it look played in a few months’ time, I wonder? Oooh, but it is such a cute lil’ thing.


For the yogies

November 27, 2006

(Stella McCartney for Adidas)

I have a small question: why are gym clothes -and especially yoga attire- so damn ugly? All I want is some basic, no-logoed clothing in muted or dark colours that do the job. I don’t go to the gym/yoga class/what have you to express myself through what I wear, so I really don’t care to have fugly stripes of colours, weird flared pants, or ohm symbols splashed haphazardly everywhere. Who goes to the gym to show off their awesome clothes?

Even “good” gym clothes (ie. designers for Adidas, Puma, etc) don’t cut it because let’s face it, swell as they may be, they’re not really meant for the gym. I’m just looking for some good moisture wicking clothing in a fabric of the lycra family. Is anyone with me here? Any suggestions?

International Buy Nothing Day

November 25, 2006

(The devastatingly beautiful Pamplemoussi and accompanying vinyl by Geneviève Castrée)

Today was International Buy Nothing Day, and by sheer conscidence it was also my first visit to Expozine. So it goes without saying that IBND for me was an utter failure, but all was certainly not lost since I was lucky to find many treasures that will undoubtedly inspire much imagination. Wrestling through crowds in the packed and hot basement venue was certainly worth it.

(Jillian Tamaki, whose book Gilded Lilies I can’t wait to pore over)

…A pack of Textanudes for a dear friend, and last but not least, a copy of Ojingogo – thanks Matt!

The sting of defeat

November 25, 2006


I entered a bid one dollar too low on this devasting sweater a while ago. I bid you a respectful adieu, you German Shepparded, argyled glory – may you have a happy and long life with your new owner. I knew it was going to be a battle; a battle I did not expect to lose.

(Photo from Ports 1961)

I have a favourite vintage print shirt from Ports International. I knew stylish mothers of ours who wore the line in the its heyday of the 70s and 80s, and this was the extent of my knowledge of Ports.

With some research, I learned that the line was started in 1961 by a Japanese-Canadian, lived and prospered and was then forgotten by the late 80s. Ports was picked up in 1989 by a Chinese-Canadian who took the brand, his Italian-Libyan-Canadian wife and her sister to China to resurrect Ports International and develop a diffusion, Ports 1961.

I discovered the resurrection this fall while trolling the 4th floor of Ogilvy’s department store with my mum, somewhat bored in assisting her on her quest for the perfect jacket. I perked up when I saw Ports 1961’s brightly lit boutique and flipped through the racks in measured awe of the beautiful detailing and palette of its Fall collection – it really was quite something seeing the very coherent and vast collection in its entirety. Then I remembered I had seen a big Ports ad in September’s Vogue and heard that Dean and Dan Katen designed for the line once upon a time – it was all coming full circle.

I am intrigued by its romance, the epic story that spans continents and generations (an interesting read), and how seemingly low profile the brand is despite some large pricetags. Nice to see things make a comeback where quality and integrity seem to be key elements in its return. I’m being a bit hyperbolic here, but the brand somehow encapsulates something greater than a fashion house, and I really hope it endures.

High waisted misery

November 23, 2006

(Photo from Susie Bubble)

I’ve found a rather decent pair of high waisted dark denim from where of all places but H&M. They’re a nice weight and wash, with a 13″ rise. Of course, there is plenty of dissent towards the new cut – Alexis Petridis wrote a rather hilarious piece relating the rise of the rise to rather miserable points in British history – but I like ’em.

In other news: Yeahbutnobut, the Pollard sisters are totally in the house.

High brow, low brow

November 23, 2006

(Butt pendant by Karen Walker)

Rose gold + white gold + black diamonds = One cigarette butt pendant. Black diamonds as ash, what a novel idea; I simply adore Karen Walker‘s irreverence.

If interested, it’s your lucky day: click here.