The local wildlife

September 9, 2006

(photo via Hastings+Main)

Dressing in the in-betweens can be a tedious task. The mornings here are brisk, but the past few afternoons/evenings have been balmy and very Indian summer. I tend to dress on the side of too warm, as it can be pretty miserable being underdressed in pre-fall temps. I always find that light dressing with the accessories of fall can be a pretty good way of negotiating this grey area.

This Hastings+Main dress is perfect for this time of year. A nice part of the collection this Fall is done in a haphazard and rumpled silk with a refined fall palette of mustard, forest green, aubergine, black and beige. A matte mustard silk blousy tube top with black silkscreened ferns has been in heavy rotation of a friend’s summer wardrobe for a couple years, and I have to say that everytime she wears it, I think, “wow, what a beautiful top.” The pieces in the fall collection are nice and drapey with just the right amount of a slouchy and more subversive brand of femininity.


2 Responses to “The local wildlife”

  1. eurobrat Says:

    Beautiful photos.

    I had not previously heard of Hastings+Main… thank you!

  2. minirobot Says:

    Made with love in Montreal. Sounds like you’re having a whirlwind in NYC -I can’t wait to be there on Friday.

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