Kindred spirits

December 28, 2007

(via Hel-looks)

Caroline (38)
“I’m wearing Vanessa Bruno shirt, Marjan Pejoski vest, Veronique Branquinho turtle neck, Wood Wood leggings and second hand boots, bag and belt. I would describe my style as futuristic vintage but I also like techno hippie style. The key elements of my style are colours: royal blue, orange, red and purple. Björk is my style role model. Bernhard Willhelm and Marjan Pejoski are my favourite designers.”

Sometimes you stumble upon a kindred fashion spirit. For me it’s someone who had a deep appreciation for real style, does not necessarily subscribe to what is de rigueur or fashionable, and exudes individuality in the way they dress. This woman is it. Her words could have come from my mouth and yet if we were to stand side by side we would be dressed completely different from one another.


Faces and places

December 27, 2007

Ffffound a beautiful shot by photographer Gilles-Marie Zimmermann of Elodie Bouchez in all her French glory.

Laetitia too.

Pristine memories

December 25, 2007


When you still love something ten odd years after first laying eyes on it, then you must know it is something truly special; a rare love affair, a timeless classic. I discovered Elsa Smith‘s heavy, bold jewellery when I began working at a jewellery boutique in Vancouver when I was fifteen. Knowing her personally I respected her work even more as I learned of the intense craftsmanship and love that went into creating the pieces.

She was doing two finger rings and crazy shapes long I first met them, her aesthetic was something ahead of the times -always designing against the current while simultaneously disregarding it. Her Jet line of curved geometric shapes is still so fresh today, the Jet bracelet in particular is a favourite piece of mine; the ingenius clasp links one shape into another in such a way that it can only be opened/closed at a particular angle so there’s no risk of the tragedy of loss.

I loved the pieces then and I love them even more now, perhaps because the hard lines are something I have grown into and have come to really reflect my tastes. There was a pyramid spiked ring in a tiny size 4 that lingered in the shop for years because of it’s miniscule size which I wore at the boutique nearly every time I was worked that I still regret not having bought.

Beautiful memories and the sense of regret -oh what a wistful combination. If this jewellery is capable of conjuring up such feelings, it truly is a remarkable line.

Living in the future

December 24, 2007


How healthy a little bit of nature can be. It was so invigorating and inspiring: a little trip to a forest and frozen pond near the
Holland-Belgium border made me feel like I had managed to catch up on a week of poor sleep. With a few weeks of vacation to enjoy, I’m committed to scheming up ideas and dreams to make 2008 the most super awesome year yet. Thanks to the frosty landscape I’ve managed to clear my head a little…

Hi top perfection

December 17, 2007

Picture 2
I’ve been looking for the archetypal hi top sneaker that carries no branding and cannot be associated with any particular fashion type. No Reebok Freestyles or Nike Blazers -something non-descript, discreet, generic. Found it at Filippa K.

You are on my hitlist

December 13, 2007


Sweden, yes, but also Denmark: to Vadumsrum I must go. Saw a fantastically giant graphic print bag at Magda and it has been in my dreams since. I first spotted the label in New York a while back and it is so on my hitlist.

Jeremy Scott’s guitar scarf is rocking.  Oh, how my heart melts.