Hello holiday

March 28, 2007

A seriously great package deal trip (is that an oxymoron?): fly to Iceland, go to Björk‘s kickoff show in Reykjavik for the Volta tour…very tempting.



March 27, 2007

Matt sent me a fantastic post on the Design Disease. This is a state of being I certainly live with. Who else is coping ?

nb: fixed the link.

Precious morning moments

March 25, 2007

(photo courtesy mi-workshop)

If I had a nickel for every time I was made late in the morning due to misplaced i) keys ii) wallet iii) cell phone iv) bus pass, various other everyday paraphernalia, I would have saved enough for a hefty shopping spree. There is a beautiful cure for this chronic problem; it’s called the RS2 shelf. Those notches are so perfect, I doubt I’ll ever forget to hook up the keys after walking in the door. Shelves for propping up housemates’ mail, the daily “to do” list, keycards so one doesn’t get locked out of the office on a morning already running late…I need this now.

Does the punishment fit the crime? Via Guardian:

For a celebrity who has endured a barrage of bad press over the incident a year ago, Ms Campbell pulled off her entry to the warehouse at Pier 36 with considerable aplomb. She wore six-inch stiletto heels – believed to be Christian Louboutin, with their characteristic red soles – brown leggings, a black coat and hat and sunglasses. 

The perfect finishing touch was a pair of calf-high black combat boots, replete with scratch marks, slung nonchalantly over her shoulder. How many hundred dollars did it cost to buy them, and how many hours of master cobbling did it take to scuff them up?

Inside the warehouse, and out of the reach of press lenses, Ms Campbell changed into her boots and donned the standard issue gloves, dust mask and fluorescent safety vest. Then she was assigned her tasks for the day, at which point the full weight of her penance must have become evident to her.

Albert Durrell, a sanitation department deputy chief, explained that she would be asked to sweep and mop the warehouse floor, the locker rooms and windows. And yes, he said, “if they are dirty she will be cleaning toilets”.



March 20, 2007

I love Sarah Morris’ paintings. Fantastically graphic and colourful!

(via design*sponge via Art Moco)

(Photo via Olive Shoppe)

I have never really stopped to ponder what a future wedding would look like, probably since I’m not one to plan too far in advance and also perhaps a little scared of the whole wedding hoopla; but once in a blue moon, something (ie a beautiful dress) makes me think and dream. This vintage brocade dress in its glorious backlessness and perfect waistline pleats makes me think it would be nice to trot over to town hall and sign some papers in a very unceremonious fashion – the garment is certainly something special, but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

Another instance that got me thinking happened about a year ago when I saw a dress on the sale rack at Morales. It was a very special thing that had a subtle red and blue striped cotton broadcloth lining underneath a beautiful antique lace overlay. It had a very sundress-y quality about it but it was so elegant. I thought about buying it just to be prepared, but did not want to alarm anyone. But riddle me this: when you come across something so picture perfect, is it not smart to be pragmatic, snag it and stash it in the back of the closet as a reserve, just in case? (Or is that too scary?)

Stumbling over myself

March 18, 2007


Yes, I am crazy for gingham. Just as I had poo-poo’ed Etoile by Isabel Marant as too feminine for my taste to a friend fresh from Paris, an Etoile blue gingham number popped up in Creatures of Comfort‘s new arrivals. I plopped it into my cart and waited a mere half day before making the purchase to discover that I was definitely not alone in my love of gingham. Like a dagger through the heart, my purchase was denied.

Then it dawned on me. The garment is much more flouncy than I am accustomed, and not particularly my style, but I had a flashback: my mum made all of my baby bedding in a mint green gingham with contrasting patches of a rosebud print. Through I am staunchly ungirly in dress, I admit I have a weakness for both gingham and florals. Perhaps I am a prep in denial, but childhood dressing memories do play a part in who I wear today. I also really like overalls -but can’t really pull them off without looking like I’m 12- I wore them as a kid and had a great time in them. Perhaps I just want to recreate those carefree times. Though I’d be happy not to revisit some high school fashions, many that I sported as a kid are welcome back anytime in some form. Any memorable garments from childhood still ring true for you?