Golden opportunity

December 28, 2006

Here’s your chance to go buckwild: the semi-annual APC sale which as always offers up a respectable 50% off the season’s collection, has commenced today. I am always grateful for it.


The warm up?

December 19, 2006

by Matt

What Matt might call a “warm up” may be an illustration sprint of sorts for us mere mortals. A very nice interpretation indeed; it truly captures the coquettish.  I’m really enjoying the personal renditions of the Facehunter and Sartorialist photographs.

Out of office autoreply

December 16, 2006

Eat drink and be merry.

The loveliest of dreamboats

December 16, 2006

Georgina Goodman‘s Naja shoes make me dream of blue oceans, a tropical breeze, and the warm sun. A work of art as much as a pair of shoes:

Naja combines rare fish skin with fur and the finest calf leather. Like anything utterly fantastic, she shouldn’t really exist, being utterly commercially unviable and almost impossible to construct. Only the finest factory in Italy can undertake this type of technical challenge and Naja is the exquisite result. Lovingly hand made in Bolognia she is a show stopper, she draws all the attention in the room and makes the world stop spinning. Hello.

I’m not a kooky shoes person. To me, these definitely aren’t over the top; they’re utterly beautiful.

A leg up

December 15, 2006


Boxing day shopping sucks – the panicked frenzy of shoppers, crappy deals, personal space issues, common changing rooms. I ask why? Why, since some online boutiques have dropped their sales already -and the others will follow imminently?

Aloharag: limited time 50% off sale from now until Dec 22;

RevolveClothing: 25% off with coupon “apologies” ’til Xmas;

F-Troupe: as mentioned before, 40% off;

Seven: save up to 50%;
Scorah Pattullo: beautiful footwear at 50% off;



December 14, 2006


…in purple, of logarithms, and holidays.

Serpent care

December 12, 2006

(illustrations by Lynsey McCafferty and Matthew Forsythe)

Since a great deal of partying is likely to be done in this dress, a bit of pre/after care will be in order as sequins will inevitably be lost. To avoid a glorious sprinkle of gold trailing you wherever you may go, I am told that a light all-over spritz of hairspray is effective in combatting sequin loss. Perhaps this is a widely known fact already, but I’ve never owned a sequined garment before so this is news to me.