Baby girl

December 18, 2008


A new addition to our little family.  She looks like a woodland creature from a Miyazaki film.  Eddy loves her too.  They eat together and he grooms her.  I’m living in a cute overload.


Smells like the time

December 18, 2008


I miss my country.  Yes it may be -40 there, but still.

Moving on

December 12, 2008

New APC s/s collection is making me excited.  Baseball hats, jackets and the perfect jumpsuit.


December 11, 2008

I find this Bertjan Pot space terribly beautiful and inspiring.  I want to live in this space.  I want to pass out on that sofa day in day out and shuffle across the taped rug a million times.

I have to admit that there’ not much happening on the personal fashion front, though I have taken to wearing heels everyday since I feel my haircut requires it, wearing the same old boring uniform of black though often with shots of floral print and still searching for the perfect boots.