Darling buds of May

March 10, 2007

How I absolutely swoon for the Lyell Spring collection. A concise collection of simple and sweet pieces, all of which are calling my name…


Web for the weary

January 12, 2007

julian red

My ordinarily short attention span was captivated by Julian Red’s beautiful and sexy site -it really lent a feeling. I’m also quite taken with the Hoboken jean.


December 14, 2006


…in purple, of logarithms, and holidays.

The taunting

December 12, 2006

Even with Xmas gifts secured for the friends and family, ’tis the season of giving to others and not oneself. And yet, the F-Troupe A/W shoe, boot, and sneaker sale is on now! Maybe it’s not too late to add these and these to my wishlist for Santa.

Sunshine, my only sunshine

August 24, 2006

(Photo from Sunshine & Shadow)

The ensemble on the right is the most splendid fall outfit. I’ve been looking foward to seeing the Sunshine & Shadow collection since the beginning of the summer, and it does not disappoint. The dress is simply adorable.

Every fall season, I succumb to Cydwoq at least once, twice, (or thrice) -and this season looks as though it will be no different. I feel grateful to have met with Cydwoq shoes as they are the most comfortable I’ve worn. They have a high, supportive arch, and even once when suffering from multiple blisters, my soles found great relief in a pair of Cydwoqs -and a pump heel, no less. I tried everything from walking around the house barefoot to wearing flip flops, birkenstocks, whatever. The only shoes that comforted my battered feet were these shoes. Cydwoq soles feel like orthopedics.

I always appreciate and love it when the core styles of a brand/line are continually available, no matter how many years pass; Cydwoq always brings back the tried and true and adds in a couple more to their repertoire every season and is constantly experimenting with new leathers. Just when I think I’m covered and that I have all the Cydwoq one could ever want need, I’m hit with some magnificent new styles or a beautifully textured leather, and the will to abstain thus weakens. Case in point, the Saddle boot:  tall, beautiful crocodile embossed, eggplant leather.

NB: Cydwoq uses vegetable dyes for their leather, recycled product packaging and water-based adhesives for their shoes, and are made in Burbank, CA. I would gladly be an apprentice.

Full stop

August 3, 2006

(A.P.C. f/w 2007 collection)

The full A.P.C. fall collection has dropped online today. Peppered with a couple sweet prints, it’s a bit more austere than usual, but that’s alright with me. It’s little shirtdresses like these and the ubiquitous coquettish basics that make me go crazy.