Outside the usual box

January 20, 2008

Picture 3

When I saw the Spring 08 APC catalogue, I was smitten with two pieces: the sailor dress and the leopard short coat. I’ve never owned animal print, but I see it like any other print -if it’s good, it’s good…and this coat is so good. The print is quite painterly and graphic. At present, my closet holds a few too many APC military dresses, so I think this is a welcome drift away from the usual.



January 20, 2008

(via Café Mode)

My favourite colour personified by this lively emsemble. Seeing this makes me so happy.

Always always

January 8, 2008

Always love Sunshine and Shadow. The summer collection is no different. The colours! The fabrics! The prints!

Surprise surprise

January 2, 2008

I saw My Blueberry Nights a few weeks ago and I really missed something. I missed the languid poetry of his other films, the slow, vibrant cinematography. The film didn’t seem visually faithful to the Wong Kar Wai style and then I noticed WKW’s regular collaborator Christopher Doyle was not credited as DOP on this one.

It truly was a nice surprise however to see Chan Marshall’s cameo in the film. The film opens with a song from The Greatest which I listened to death in 2007, but when she showed up in the film, chatted and had a kiss, I was totally besotted. So beautiful, natural, luminous.