It pleases me

September 30, 2008

Silhouettes so nice.  Sweatpants are classy.  Quiltwork comforts.  And a popping palette.

(Isabel Marant and the Sartorialists’s capture)

UPDATE:  Encountered huge repository of Isabel Marant on van Oldenbarneveltstraat in Rotterdam.  I hear it’s the biggest flagship outside of Paris.  !!  Broke my heart that I’m broke.


The deep corner

September 30, 2008

(Photo by Anneè Olofsson)

I want to lose myself in floral wallpaper.

Small curious

September 30, 2008


I was totally addicted to ANTM last season (this cycle is a total bore) and was rooting for Anya until the bitter end where in the finale, she was robbed of the crowning title.  I think of all the seasons, she was my favourite and took amazing pictures.  People wonder what happens to those contestants in the afterlife, and I’ve seen cycle 9 winner Saleisha and now Anya pop up as models for the Gilt Groupe sales.  So there you have it, breaking news of the day…btw if anyone wants an invite to GG, let me know.  I’ve missed out on some sweet cheap cheap stuff and some sales are pretty good.

The night wept

September 20, 2008

Little Joseph and Factory by Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky.  A row of babyheads is just what my dinner table needs.

A place for dreamers

September 18, 2008


Yes yes yes to Minimarket‘s Hot Hood Jacket.  How often do you buy a winter coat?  I think my current one has lasted about three deep winters and is starting to get tattered.  The lining is torn and raggedy, so I think once in 4-5 years is totally okay.  Investment piece….yes.

In Season

September 18, 2008

Picture 7
Picture 5
Picture 8
Picture 6

APC inseason has descended upon us.

Otto von Quast

September 17, 2008


Otto von Quast reminds me to eat my fruits and vegetables, mind my peas and q’s, drive safe and take loving care of pets.