Praise & worship

April 26, 2007

(I have faith in you, Hope)

How many labels do classics in the most utterly perfect, slightly avant and on point way? Few, I would say. But then I happened upon a Hope leather jacket (the ‘Teddy’) and I knew I could believe again. The leather appeared black in the dark light of the boutique, but the colour was labeled blue and I was enraptured. I had thought the quest for the perfect leather jacket ended when I scored a secondhand number, but being a stickler for detail I wasn’t quite satisfied. The Hope jacket has a bit of god in its gorgeous details and would definitely quell my thirst.

And so the story goes, the rest of the collection is table-thumping good (who does simple better than the Swedes?), and their stuff for dudes scores big for being not too dandy and superbly clean cut. I’m a sucker for good names, and I’d put down money for a shirt called Lebowski anyday.


Love is everywhere

April 24, 2007

(Nearly fell for you Wood Wood)

This invariably happens. I take a trip to see friends, family, or just the sights, and end up falling into frenzied consumer behaviour, with consumption never far from my thoughts. A last day is usually dedicated to strategic planning and mapping out the “must-hits” with such precision that there is actually an itinerary -start at the north end at Houston, grab a Jamba Juice for sugar and energy, and sweep down through Soho, crossing through Broadway over to Howard and back up through Mott and Elizabeth. After the initial assault, there is some downtime to reflect on the “thinking abouts,” rejuvenate, and then back out to do the final damage. This last day is usually traversed alone, as it is serious business -no socializing or lollygagging. It is essentially a ridiculous mission to ensure that my return flight (and memory) will not be riddled with regret or remorse.

This time was different. I was smart and indifferent, and really did my damnedest not to succumb to the will of retail. I was triumphant, but very nearly fell victim (twice): once to the shopping with girlfriends machine, and another to the stellar cuteness of some Wood Wood pieces. The first I reasoned my way out of, and the second, I figured I should be in the neighborhood of a Wood Wood shop very soon, so why not buy straight from the source and pick up a bunch of other cute stuff while there.

Yes, spring was in the air and I was falling in love all over the place (with a few gorgeous things, but mainly great friends, great weather, and a vibrant city), but I am kind of beating myself up about how I have not grown out of this crazy shopping phase. Going back in history, the event seems to have repeated itself over and over: Aunt having to drive me to Del Amo when I was a kid so I could buy a bunch of crap at Contempo; leaving a best friend (aka dead weight on such a monumental shopping day) to fend for herself on the streets of Shibuya so I could cover all of my bases with maximum efficiency, splitting up with another friend in Copenhagen so we both could do our damage and regroup later. All of this when I could have been having an extra day of good clean sightseeing or cultural fun, spending time with great friends and loved ones, or simply enjoying the day and the many moments within without having to buy stuff I don’t need. Shopping frenzy only hits when I’m on vacation, since there is a sense of urgency in the possibility that I will never see these things again and be missing my chance in some strange way.

So I am challenging myself on my May trip not to get crazy and just chill. Shopping cannot be avoided (nor would I want to), but the madness has to stop. I simply can’t afford to fall in love again and again, and there is more to a holiday than shopping…I think.

Making peace

April 19, 2007

(Bernhard Willhelm at Seven)

This silly legging debate has gone on too long. Let’s just have fun with fruits and flowers.

Hello nurse!

April 19, 2007

(from moss)

This ‘Princess‘ ring is kind of mesmerizing. So easily mistaken for dressup trunk jewellery, but has an extraordinary WOW. Purple is my favourite colour afterall.

The score

April 18, 2007

Also known as, why I love vintage shopping. I’ve put together a compare and contrast exercise of “which would you rather?” seeing that these scores closely resemble new stuff. Vintage reigns supreme.


A doily begets spring

April 17, 2007


Though there are flurries flurries everywhere, this beautiful handmade doily I found in a church basement sale is the source of much springtime inspiration. It is such a special thing with such brilliant colours: I hereby decree this to be my palette for spring!


April 16, 2007

(Photos via Facehunter and net-a-porter)

I saw this cute girl in an equally cute banana print dress (with pockets!) and knew immediately I had to have it. I’m such a sucker for playful prints.