The Haunting

September 6, 2006

(Photo via The Sartorialist)

This cape, as photograped by The Sartorialist last February, has been etched in my memory as the most perfect and adorable outerwear garment ever. I’d been looking for the right cut of cape for a while -something slim and not very billowy nor bohemian- and this was it, Eureka! An ingenius design. I knew it had to be a fairly accessible and widely distributed designer as I had seen it in another photo on another fashion blog, but still couldn’t put my finger on it. So the summer came and went (even in the heat of summer I never forgot about the cape), and behold today it resurfaced, this time in a much different style on a different kind of girl, but in the same city, captured by The Facehunter.

(Photo via Facehunter)

Must you taunt me so? What with the sharp collar (that would look quite swell up), your ever so slightly oversized brushed gold buttons, the light creamy hue -oh I can imagine it’s a cashmere blend, so soft…tell me who made you, o cape!


4 Responses to “The Haunting”

  1. Adrian Says:

    That cape is drool-inspiring! It doesn’t drown the wearer like so many poorly-made versions do.

  2. minirobot Says:

    Isn’t it? Oh, desperately must find it!

  3. audrey Says:

    i’m pretty sure it’s apc from last fall.

  4. minirobot Says:

    apc had a coat like that, but i didn’t see a cape version in the store or catalogue but they’re funny that way -it does seem like a really close match, perhaps you’re right?

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