Dreamworlds, fantasylands

August 31, 2008

Picture 9

These days I’ve been completely sucked into the voyeurism of checking out other people’s living spaces.  It’s fascinating.  I’m totally addicted to The Selby and am so happy when there’s a new entry, but I’m also revelling in the fantasylands of Taschen’s New Paris Interiors. An update on Paris Interiors, this book includes the more traditional aesthetic expected of a Parisian apartment alongside the far out dreamworlds that some occupy. I really love Alda Fendi’s aparment and Anne Valérie Hash’s showroom -I can’t imagine what it would be like to work in such a magnificent and awe-inspiring space. Carine Roitfeld’s and Rick Owens’ living quarters are also in there too.  Drool.


A gust of hot air

August 4, 2008

Joshua Allen Harris‘ air vent creatures.

Sweet tarts

October 24, 2007

I love Leesa Leva‘s incredible illustrations.

We meet again

July 19, 2007

APC’s 2008 winter collection has as always some stellar plain jane pieces. Boring in the most awesome way.
These pieces in particular I adore and will be mine:

Anorak attack!

July 18, 2007

I love the breezy windbreaker. Though disguised as a practical garment for outdoorsy types, the new anorak is gloriously so much more. I had not been able to find the perfect noncommital cut in the perfect fabric until now, and lucky me two options have presented themselves:

Maria Bonita Extra‘s fall line has an anorak that captures billowyness at its best.
And glory of glories, msg.‘s version in a textured black floral twill can contort itself into different shapes.

Psst: A brand spanking boutique called msg just opened up on Kenmare, between Mott and Mulberry. Though it pains me that I won’t be able to hit NYC for a little while to check it out myself, I have no doubt that this spot will house a bevy of gems as it is owned by someone who has been one of my style icons since I was…hmm, about seven years old (when we first met). She has always dressed with astoundingly distinct personal style, and I have the utmost respect and admiration for her taste and talent. Secretly rifling through her personal closet thrills me to this day -it’s a treasure trove of beautiful things- and I’m sure it will extend to her brand new boutique with the exclusive house label and special pieces by designer friends (local and from Japan).

If you’re in the neighborhood, you must stop in for a visit. Congratulations msg!

Darling buds of May

March 10, 2007

How I absolutely swoon for the Lyell Spring collection. A concise collection of simple and sweet pieces, all of which are calling my name…