Can it really be done?

September 4, 2006

(Stella McCartney Night blue paint flock knee high boot)

Can one for all for new sustainable textiles and neglect the issue of leather and footwear? I suppose we choose our battles, but if one aspires to lead a green lifestyle surely the shoes would be included. But can it really catch on as much as sustainable fibres have? I guess it would involve eco-friendly rubber farming and organic/sustainable leather production?

Knowing Stella McCartney does vegetarian friendly collections, when I saw her Fall line of footwear, I wondered if she was still at it since the shoes look tremendous (and suspiciously leather-like). They are in fact veg shoes and perhaps are proof that it can be done -though at a high price.

That said, leather shoes are just not something I can or want to give up, and actually fiftyrx3 sums it up nicely in her post on the question of leather -so there, I don’t feel so bad.


2 Responses to “Can it really be done?”

  1. do you know where i can get these lovely boots? please divulge!

  2. minirobot Says:

    they were on the stella site, so i’m sure any of her boutiques or retail outlets that stock her footwear -though they’re so beautiful they may be long gone…

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