Summer sale Steven Alan

June 30, 2006

(Jacqueline Schnabel Genaro flat 30% off)

Steven Alan’s summer sale is on now girls (and boys). Cute stuff to be had for all. Free shipping on $100+ orders.


Missing the old Bazaar

June 30, 2006

I came across this article on gossip blog, The Superficial: Britney Spears poses nude in Bazaar” – with accompanying photo of the August issue. I didn’t want to re-post the photo here for obvious reasons, but seeing that made me think back and wish for the good old days of Kate Betts’ Bazaar.

The show that got away

June 29, 2006

Cat Power solo at the Spectrum on July 2, but count me out – because I didn’t couldn’t get tickets. Boo. I am able to monitor my eBay auctions with such consistency, but don’t have the prolongued attention span to check the web for tickets. To my chagrin, I heard too late that they released an extra slew of standing room tickets last week, but I heard on Sunday and by then they too were gone.

I feel like Charlie Bucket after he learned the last Golden Ticket was found by a rich Argentinian. Hopefully I’ll have the same luck and perhaps learn that the venue has been changed to accomodate the demand. Fingers crossed. I must go scour Craigslist.

I’m sure the show will be breathtaking. She’s the greatest.

How deep is the ocean

June 27, 2006

(Olivia Morris paint-by-numbers boot as featured in Nylon Magazine, March 2003)

I have started a new category entitled, ‘the one(s) that got away’, in honour of those beautiful creations that I’ve let slip through my fingers over the years.

In this first installment, I recall the Olivia Morris DIY collection with the paint-by-numbers boot and sandal. This boot was featured in Nylon‘s March 2003 issue – at which time, I probably marvelled a resolute, “COOL!” I lost a couple eBay auctions from Australia on the sandal version (one auction wasn’t even my size) sometime after seeing them in Nylon, and I have been searching for them in vain since. It is almost as if they have vanished without a trace, the few made probably stashed in the deep closets of a few lucky shoe-lovers, destined to be rarely worn but highly prized, and never would their owners consider getting rid of them – to my dismay.

I couldn’t even find an image on the internet of the hallowed DIY “blank canvas” boot she did from the same season. I thought to myself, “She should re-issue them,” but then came to the conclusion that some things should be kept in the past and quietly pined for, gaining a kind of folkloric status over time. These shoes certainly would be deserving of that.

Since then I have carried on, settling for a lesser but no less worthy object of affection: a pair of bronze t-bar flat sandals from her s/s 2005 collection (that I’ve worn to death and even had resoled already).

Ah, love, in its many incarnations, invariably contains an element of tragedy, doesn’t it?

Danny Deckchair

June 27, 2006

(Rick Owens fitted leather jacket)

The most memorable thing about the random Australian film entitled Danny Deckchair is the white biker jacket Miranda Otto busts out wearing in the last scene of the film. A shy, shrinking violet type character, it was this unexpected wardroboe shift that made me snap awake from the halfsleep the film put me in until that point (the film wasn’t terrible, actually. It’s kind of a cute romantic-comedy Australian style). Afterwards, I furiously searched on Google and imdb for the costume designer’s name and articles in the film’s wardrobes to no avail.

I haven’t found a white biker jacket to match the one in the film to date. Recently I may have stumbled across a version fairly faithful to the traditional biker jacket on eBay by Marc Jacobs, but I failed to make a bid. This one by Rick Owens is kind of close, but doesn’t have enough diagonal zippered pockets and lacks the crucial dirty quality of a good biker jacket.

That said, white/cream-toned leather is increasingly of interest. In fact, I have just acquired a cute pair of vintage white pixie boots with black stacked heels that has only further cemented this.

Further to that however, I have found that many of the vintage pieces I’ve obtained (particularly of the 80’s era) seem to harbour a curious smell – a smell, I’ve been told, akin to that of crack. Coincidence?

[NB: Seems that leather jackets will be the topic of discussion this week…]

A complex beauty

June 26, 2006

(Sophia Kokosalaki s/s 2006)

Sophia Kokosalaki’s work is all over the place (eg. costumes for the 2004 Athens Olympics’ opening and closing ceremonies, capsule collections for TopShop) but you won’t hear too much media hype about her. She’s had her label for seven years after graduating from St. Martins, recently switching over to the Paris circuit where her work has been garnering great reviews.

But her work doesn’t need to be spoken for. Because when you see an amazing leather jacket such as this with such intricate detailing and complexity that in the end somehow looks terribly effortless, you cannot think anything but that the creator is an extreme talent, her vision strong and unwavering.

What species?

June 25, 2006

(source: Paco Rabanne f/w 2006)

I really like Patrick Robinson's fall/winter collection for Paco Rabanne. The slick silhouette of his dresses is very tough-feminine, and paired with little bottines, the look is a very sexy one indeed.

I'm at a loss at what to call the garment above, however. Is it a poncho? A cape? A coat without sleeves? I know a term for it exists, and yet it doesn't seem to fit into any of the aformentioned categories. It can't be a poncho since there is an opening in the front along with holes for the hands, right? And a cape doesn't fasten all the way down the front since it is more like something just draped over the shoulders and flows down the back? I think that coat sans sleeves is the most fitting, but I feel that it is probably too inarticulate a term to actually be the name of a type of garment.

In any case, I like this type of outerwear – especially with the epaulets in Robinson's version, along with his geometric tops and square-neck long sleeved black dress and…..