Electric blue! Glorious matte silk! Shirtdress with elastic waist! Perfect for: talking and drinking into the wee hours on a humid summer’s night, an afternoon at the county fair/weekend farmer’s market, cycling to work on a crisp morning with a cute blazer and white oxfords on a Dutch bicycle, an early evening stroll on a country dirt road with a tattered old hoodie, a summer month spent driving across Canada in an air conditioner-less 1983 Pontiac Acadian. Curious how a mere article of clothing can conjure up much pointed scenarios. (Despite having a habit of collecting pieces not for everyday life but for flights of fancy, I could definitely imagine wearing this Sunshine and Shadow dress every single day).


Girly pretty things

February 22, 2007


Impulse in Seattle carries such beautiful stuff -and has an amazing lineup of designers, well beyond the usual suspects- I’m keeping an eye out for the opening of their online shop.

A luxe crochet

February 17, 2007

(Photos courtesy Arielle de Pinto)

At last fall’s Puces Pop, aside from the fur hood that has been my saving grace this winter, there was a standout jewellry designer who had some immensely stunning necklaces that were made of hand-knitted fine chain. The designer, Arielle de Pinto, sent me a lookbook shortly afterwards, but pictures aren’t even close to doing her pieces justice. At the time, they were available at The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Luxe de Ville and through the designer herself. Her stuff was featured today on Refinery29‘s women’s spotlight, and it looks like people are paying attention. Very unique, beautiful and substantial pieces that just have to be seen (and bought) to be believed. I certainly regret being broke the weekend of Puces.

Hallo München

February 14, 2007

(Photo from Styleclicker)

A relatively new addition to the burgeoning world street style blog circle, Styleclicker has consistently been delivering quality styles from Munich – case in point, exhibit a) a stylish individual exuding an ethereal aura of calm.

For the fetishist in us all

February 13, 2007


The new Virtual Shoe Museum invariably brings more opportunity for quality time-suckage. And Daphne Bikker‘s shoes are really cool!


February 11, 2007

(photo Derek Lam)

Derek Lam‘s navy pencil button down dress is the stuff of saving pennies, scrimping, and eating canned beans and instant ramen for months (thanks Kara). I read this short interview with Lam in nymag and my head cocked a bit in bewilderment at the clickthrough link entitled: ‘Are Asian Designers a Trend?’ A fucking dumb question, but Lam diplomatically responded to it and some others with much aplomb. A reader’s comment on the interview was quite funny: “‘are asian designers a trend?’ That’s like saying white people are a staple. isn’t this nymag? You should be pretty on top of your semantics, seriously. ” I’m not sure what the question was trying to get at exactly, but if it was to perhaps address the fact that bigger opportunities for minorities are slowly opening up in the fashion industry and are thus gaining more exposure than ever before, it certainly could have been articulated better.


February 8, 2007

alphabet russe
I think the Russian alphabet is really cool looking, and also quite awesome when printed on garments such as this. I’ve also been quite taken with the Sinhala alphabet.
(Text from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)  My friend once gave me a mug adorned with its letters (now chipped and well worn), and I’ve always wanted to do something with it in some way – it is just beautiful. (Pardon me if the text below says something inappropriate; I obviously cannot read Sinhala).

The curlicues remind me of fruits, bums, and people embracing. I was told that the letters took the form and curves of the leaves upon which the language was first written. Do you know of any other cute alphabets?