A soft spot to land

June 30, 2007

New computer requires also finding a nice comfortable home for it to rest.  The perfect place to sleep if I were a laptop would be in Henrik Vibskov’s piggy laptop cases.  Sleep tight!


The Great South

June 23, 2007

iggyloulouiggy loulou2

Oh how I love Iggy and Loulou‘s bear necklaces. These ceramicists cum jewellery designers make such delicate, carefully handcrafted, tongue-in-cheek creations, my heart swells with love for these wonderful creatures. The bears come in various shapes and moods: happy, mad, hungry, and I want to collect them all. Their site is also quite an adventure. Genius.

Easy breezy

June 20, 2007

Maria Bonita Extra at LanguageVanessa BarrantesDeborah SweeneySarah Luna
(Dresses from Language)

As the air gets heavy with summer, I rejoice at the thought of wearing dresses, only dresses, all the time. This is a time where I wholeheartedly relish being a girl. Easy breezy slip-on pieces have been spelling sweet relief in the heat. All hail the summer dress. For many, the hunt for perfect summer dresses began long ago, but I’m always looking to pad the collection and came upon Language, where a bevy of brilliant summer dresses await. Loving the Sarah Luna and Maria Bonita Extra pieces. Big plus: get 15% off regular priced merch with the coupon code “minirobot”…sweeet.

Yawn, stretch

June 18, 2007

Ouch. Coming back from an A+ holiday stinks. There are times when a great holiday is just what you need to get a kick start on everyday life, but this time I’m stuck wanting more, more, MORE! For the first time in a while, it’s not for more stuff, rather the energy of a vibrant city, the wonder of a new place, all the secrets waiting to be told and shared.

One of my recent lessons learned while vacationing is the necessity of toting sunglasses when out for a night on the town. When night turns into morning turns into afternoon, discovering you left your shades at home faced with the blaring early morning sun (or in many cases, mid-day) and many party-haggard faces, a harsh reality descends. Call me naive, but it was only recently that I began caring about shades -thanks Oprah.

For years I’ve been wearing Ditas; it started when I was fifteen, working in a boutique where the staff discount made these the only decent sunglasses within my price range, so it was a practical move. I was lucky to have discovered them then since through all the years that have passed, they have treated me well. They are solid as hell, made in Japan, and the cases are resistant to repeated sit-ons. Nevertheless, I had been blind to the amazing powers sunglasses hold and generously bestow upon the wearer. In any case, I was fortunate to have learned the teachings of Dita a decade ago and also to have learned repeatedly the utter necessity of this important accessory when partying in the great city of Berlin. Although I’m increasingly resisting consumption, I think it’s time for a new set of Ditas (Bullet in Caramel) to pair with the fresh eyes I’ve come home with.