Dreamworlds, fantasylands

August 31, 2008

Picture 9

These days I’ve been completely sucked into the voyeurism of checking out other people’s living spaces.  It’s fascinating.  I’m totally addicted to The Selby and am so happy when there’s a new entry, but I’m also revelling in the fantasylands of Taschen’s New Paris Interiors. An update on Paris Interiors, this book includes the more traditional aesthetic expected of a Parisian apartment alongside the far out dreamworlds that some occupy. I really love Alda Fendi’s aparment and Anne Valérie Hash’s showroom -I can’t imagine what it would be like to work in such a magnificent and awe-inspiring space. Carine Roitfeld’s and Rick Owens’ living quarters are also in there too.  Drool.


Of bygone eras

August 29, 2008

An amazing photo series of abandoned, dilapidated public swimming pools by Gigi Cifali.  I love the symmetry and the sadness.

Bring it down

August 29, 2008

muji alum

The world’s most perfect pencil.  It’s less than 10cm and it’s sublime.

It can be true

August 16, 2008

Rachel Comey lives the dream in Long Island.

Like butter

August 15, 2008


This Alexander Wang hobo bag is perfect. Everyday, everynight. Comfortable.


These Lifewithbird platform booties to spice things up….

Picture 3

These Rachel Comeys for ordinary days.


And some Westwood boots mucking about. Black is so exciting. I’ve wanted these for 7 years and I think the time has come.


August 15, 2008

Thinking of getting the Persol 2805. So many colours to choose from. I really like the pale yellow, olive, and the clear transparents…though tortoise and black are such classics.

Welcome home

August 15, 2008

A dreamhome. Minimal and reassuring.