The great escape

October 19, 2008

Going to Barcelona tomorrow.  Any shopping, eating tips?  Haven’t done any research at all…


The height of prim & proper

October 17, 2008

Flying penis brooch.

Sort of terrifying

October 16, 2008

Acne Toy Thorn jean.  Shudder.

The Fart Party

October 16, 2008

The Fart Party, a new comic discovered through Matt.

26 teeth

October 16, 2008

26th birthday coming up. Want PAM fangs!

A little bit

October 12, 2008

Navy blue leather, black silk chiffon, the solitude of swans -Les Putafranges for Maje.  While my current shopping list is rather austere and includes only a black merino wool v-neck cardigan with pockets and some stubby flat ankle boots like those Dad used to have, I still like to daydream that I am a lady of leisure.

via b&b

These photos kind of inspire me to stop with lazy hair.

via Hedi’s diary.