February 24, 2009

I read a great post by Garance today, and it fell in line with a dilemma I had in mind last night:  do I let go of my Westwood pirate boots -which lead to greater questions of personal style and identity.  Sometimes I wonder if I dress the way I do purely for myself, what am I trying to convey with what I wear, if I am trying to communicate something about who I am at all.  I put them up on the auction block on Sunday night, but come Monday I had pangs of regret; so much that I took photos of myself wearing them and consulted with a dear friend.  We discussed back and forth and I lamented that while they are still such badass boots, they do not sing to me in the way they did as an image, as something to covet.  The thrill of the hunt was much greater than the kill, as is the case with so many other things.  He is wise and so I asked him if they were really me, we both knew the answer:  I’m not badass in that Vivienne Westwood kind of way.  I don’t want to just pull things off, I want to own them.  Thus farewell to the pirate ship, as my style is much more akin to the woman above.  I immediately identify with her way of dress, everything she wears sings to me and is referenced in my own clothing repertoire.  She looks damn good because she looks herself, and I came to the conclusion that if I truly love something it will be timeless in its own way.

PS the auction ends Sunday night.  Size 37, UK 4 black Vivi boots.  Adieu sweet badass boots, I admire you but ultimately we are very different.

(Photo from Facehunter)


2 Responses to “Timelessness”

  1. erica Says:

    Your last two posts have struck a chord. It’s an odd reconciliation when an item I’ve coveted, I’ve spent hours stalking online, I’ve visited in stores and pictured when I fell asleep — turns out not to have anything to do with the person I actually am. I’ve stalked those very VW boots and collected pics of lovely girls wearing them…

    For me it was a Rolex. A men’s vintage Rolex procured for me by my Italian watchmaker friend. A watch I’d begged him to find for me. A watch that cost a fortune, though it was worth much more.

    It looked ridiculous. I’m not a supermodel. I’m not a tall girl. It would have been a paperweight, worn once and owned for the sake of ownership. I was sad to discover that I’m not a girl who wears a large Rolex. What was I trying to tell people with this watch that I think I don’t tell people otherwise?

    (Anyway, the TV too, is a problem. For as much as a bookworm as I am, I probably watch 2 hours of TV for every hour I read…)

    Thanks as always, our lovely slow blogger

  2. minirobot Says:

    A chunky men’s rolex is a respectable coveted item. And I did the very same with the Vivis -in fact there must be a small folder of saved images lurking in the back corners of my hard drive.

    My heart is warmed by this commonality.

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