February 17, 2009

Picture 14
I thought I would forego New Years resolutions this year, but since some time has passed and I’ve really had time to consider what is actually manageable, I resolve to watch less garbage television.  This mostly includes losing some precious hours of my life to vapid shows like The Hills and its evil twin The City.  I blame a few people for introducing me to this affliction however I have no one else to blame but myself for recognizing the Sessun campaign model as Whitney’s boyfriend’s roommate’s girlfriend whose boyfriend kissed another girl while she was away on a modelling job in Italy. I need to punch myself for knowing such trivial meaninglessness, but mostly this sort of TV serves as background noise while hunched over working.

Nevertheless, some Sessun pieces are quite adorable.


2 Responses to “Resolution”

  1. kara Says:

    love it
    i finally upgraded my osx and now can watch it online once again. such a great waste of time.

  2. minirobot Says:

    i don’t want to care about whitney, but i do! i have to watch it on headphones because my boyfriend gets murderous from hearing the inane chatter.

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