February 1, 2009

I went to Utrecht’s Centraal Museum to see the House of Viktor and Rolf show which debuted at the Barbican in the Fall. I got super giddy when we first entered the exhibition -which opens with three looks from ‘The Fashion Show’ f/w ’07 collection. Life sized chubby cheeked porcelain doll heads sat atop disproportionately frail bodies and I was all loves it.

Favourites were the ‘One Woman Show’/Tilda Swinton  f/w ’03 ready to wear collection, ‘Russian Doll’ with Maggie Rizer from f/w ’99, and the amazing ‘Long Live the Immaterial (Bluescreen)’ from f/w 2002.

I also finally learned that they were the ones responsible for the amazing trench coat I was in awe of over 2 years ago.  Cool beans.


5 Responses to “Revisits”

  1. r.kill Says:

    i can’t believe you really got to go!!! did you soil yourself a little??? did you try to steal a doll??

  2. minirobot Says:

    it was hella sweet. i was frozen, retardedly happy. they were perfectly spooky and awesome. i wanted to steal the all black ones….i did J.I.M.P. for sure.

  3. Top Bird Says:

    I was lucky to catch the show on the last day at the Barbican. Loved the dollhouse and their ‘protest’ shows. xx
    p.s. found your lovely blog via Grey.

  4. Jagucha Says:

    somewhere in that doll house is my deamed wedding dress!

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