Sort of terrifying

October 16, 2008

Acne Toy Thorn jean.  Shudder.


6 Responses to “Sort of terrifying”

  1. Persephone Says:


  2. erica Says:

    Hilarious, high-waisted, paper bag…I’d wear them with my flying penis brooch.

    Have a great time in Spain.

  3. rokiLL Says:

    no no no no no!!
    sort of?

  4. kara Says:

    so wrong
    has your birthday passed or still coming up?

  5. minirobot Says:

    perhaps there is a slight chance a girl willowy and French could pull this off, but still.

    Erica: Thanks!

    Kara: Birthday is on the 7th. My present is a new apartment after 6 days of couchsurfing.

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