Down time

February 24, 2008



Back on earth. I think I have acclimated to Holland and this was established as soon as I began to love HEMA, the Dutch common sense everyday everything store. It is reported that 70% of Dutch women wear HEMA underwear which I have also begun to subscribe to. They have these great microfibre camisoles in every colour of the rainbow and my favourite fluorescent green is in heavy rotation. I recently have taken to spending too much time in there examining their products and marveling at how cool some stuff is. I have been eyeing a plastic human anatomy toy there where you can take all the organs out and put them back in like a puzzle. I scored a few choice things there the other day: A rad bumblebee bikini for 20 euros and some birdie clothespins to make doing the laundry cuddly-fun-time.


2 Responses to “Down time”

  1. Matt Says:

    where can we get HEMA underwear for men in canada? and is that plastic bird thing supposed to look phallic?

  2. minirobot Says:

    you can get HEMA underwear for men in Canada through special order through me. heyyyy, it does look like pork and beans…thanks for making laundry pervy and gross rather than cuddly and fun.

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