Outside the usual box

January 20, 2008

Picture 3

When I saw the Spring 08 APC catalogue, I was smitten with two pieces: the sailor dress and the leopard short coat. I’ve never owned animal print, but I see it like any other print -if it’s good, it’s good…and this coat is so good. The print is quite painterly and graphic. At present, my closet holds a few too many APC military dresses, so I think this is a welcome drift away from the usual.


6 Responses to “Outside the usual box”

  1. Diane Says:

    Yes this is very unlike APC, but I like it. A lot.

  2. Loulou. Says:

    So right – they put this leopard into something so fresh !!! and the sailor dress/pin’ up style is just amazing

  3. Mary Says:

    oh my, I hate everything (ok almost everything) with animal prints, but when I saw this picture I though I HAVE to get this coat!

    Like your blog a lot, just discovered it and will put you in my reader to see where it’s heading 🙂

  4. Loulou. Says:

    I couldn’t believe it : the sailor dress was immediatly unavailable on the european online shop, directly from pre-order to sold out !!!
    I could save it one day and then it goes unavailable again…

  5. minirobot Says:

    incredible…i was waiting for it to come out of preorder hiding. i didn’t see it at the stores but i saw the sailor shirt and it might be cuter than the dress.

  6. Loulou. Says:

    i know – i was waiting too… till this surprise !
    so i hope it won’t be wear as a H&M dress = by every girl in town !

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