Surprise surprise

January 2, 2008

I saw My Blueberry Nights a few weeks ago and I really missed something. I missed the languid poetry of his other films, the slow, vibrant cinematography. The film didn’t seem visually faithful to the Wong Kar Wai style and then I noticed WKW’s regular collaborator Christopher Doyle was not credited as DOP on this one.

It truly was a nice surprise however to see Chan Marshall’s cameo in the film. The film opens with a song from The Greatest which I listened to death in 2007, but when she showed up in the film, chatted and had a kiss, I was totally besotted. So beautiful, natural, luminous.


One Response to “Surprise surprise”

  1. eurobrat Says:

    Hmm. Haven’t seen it yet. I could watch Chan Marshall brush her teeth though, so I’m sure it’ll pass muster for me.

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