Pristine memories

December 25, 2007


When you still love something ten odd years after first laying eyes on it, then you must know it is something truly special; a rare love affair, a timeless classic. I discovered Elsa Smith‘s heavy, bold jewellery when I began working at a jewellery boutique in Vancouver when I was fifteen. Knowing her personally I respected her work even more as I learned of the intense craftsmanship and love that went into creating the pieces.

She was doing two finger rings and crazy shapes long I first met them, her aesthetic was something ahead of the times -always designing against the current while simultaneously disregarding it. Her Jet line of curved geometric shapes is still so fresh today, the Jet bracelet in particular is a favourite piece of mine; the ingenius clasp links one shape into another in such a way that it can only be opened/closed at a particular angle so there’s no risk of the tragedy of loss.

I loved the pieces then and I love them even more now, perhaps because the hard lines are something I have grown into and have come to really reflect my tastes. There was a pyramid spiked ring in a tiny size 4 that lingered in the shop for years because of it’s miniscule size which I wore at the boutique nearly every time I was worked that I still regret not having bought.

Beautiful memories and the sense of regret -oh what a wistful combination. If this jewellery is capable of conjuring up such feelings, it truly is a remarkable line.


One Response to “Pristine memories”

  1. WendyB Says:

    Nice stuff. And when a piece fits only have to get it!

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