October 23, 2007

Dutch design week kicked off on Saturday and is in full swing all week long. Some favourites from the Design Academy graduation show:
Brandmerk by Esther de Groot, a series of pendants playing on a mash-up of iconic logos;

A way to utilize and engage the ceiling, by Pieter De Caluwe;

Björn RooijackersOn its own vase lets the floral form take all the glory;

Light Facet, a gorgeous wall hanging/room divider/sculpture by Mireille Meijs. The diamonds can be moved to create new shapes, light and shadows.

Corrugated cardboard toy, City in a Box by Patricia Weusten lets children decide how colourful each metropolis can be. The city can be put away easily as the buildings and monuments fit together like a puzzle when folded up.

Steven KesselsVentilator which uses a fan based on the form of a propellor to circulate air by the use of gears and weight.

Christmas trees for the unsentimental with a sense of humour. One Pop-out Tree can be placed neatly in a corner, two against a wall, three for the full tree experience. By Simeon van Tellingen.

Wieland Vogel‘s beautiful halo-like hanging lamp which can be expanded and contracted. At its widest, it looks like a halo, creating a very ethereal look. I love the juxtaposition of the lightness of the lamp (no pun intended) with its very industrial materials.

Pump Up chairs by Nacho Carbonell that inflate friendly companions as you lounge. It’s super cute how the animals deflate when you get up off the chair…shrinking with loneliness.


5 Responses to “ddw”

  1. Matt Says:

    wicked. paris in a box.

  2. minirobot Says:

    and you can paint the eiffel tower pink

  3. you’re back!!!!


  4. […] see you on monday! [incredible coverage of the dutch design academy grad show by miya at mini robot […]

  5. eurobrat Says:

    missed your blog!

    this looks great.

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