Tschuss to shoes

July 23, 2007

While I’m reluctantly beginning to post my prized boots on eBay, waving a sad goodbye as I continue to purge my possessions in order to live minimally, I had to say an upbeat “hello!” to these stunners from Cabane de Zucca. Yes, I’m getting rid of stuff to lighten the load and save up some cash, not spend it and gain more stuff. But if I were to succumb, it would be to boots like these. I often daydream about stomping around town in a chic outfit but rough-and-tumble boots, and these fit the bill. I’d imagine they would age so gracefully…


7 Responses to “Tschuss to shoes”

  1. ooh i bet your ebay selling page is filled with amazing goodness.

    share the secret link!


  2. kara Says:

    I need to find a pair of stellar boots for fall, tall ones, with a heel and this magical variety of leather. Good luck being minimal, I am such a pack rat! I always fear I’ll want to return to certain items and most likely will retain all the crap and give away all the greatness even with my pack-ratting.

  3. Jessica Says:

    For a moment I thought you were purging these boots and I was going to havet o come to their rescue and buy them..
    you need to own these!!

  4. pook Says:

    I completely understand your plight…I’ve been trying to purge my wardrobe of the unneccessaries in order to save, but then I came across the following site http://www.mamiedesigns.com and fell in love with the Hau dress – god it’s beautiful!!

  5. girlandthecity Says:

    They kind of remind me the the patent Loeffler Randall boots that I am currently mad about!! I think they deserve a trip to New York!! 😉

    xox Girl and the City


  6. Diane Says:

    Great great boots- and even better APC picks. I love how simple the pieces are, yet so telling of a good cut and stellar fabric.

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