Colour me balls

July 19, 2007

I have a weakness -I must admit- for all things colourful and round, and that is why I absolutely adore Lisa Levine‘s harvest moon pendant adorned with multicoloured seed beads. Only ten of each colour were made, making this piece oh so covetous. It is something I feel I would have found as a child in my mum’s costume jewellery box while digging for accessories to go with my dressup outfit.

I could wear that necklace with my wool gumball bag and look very cheerful.


3 Responses to “Colour me balls”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I love that necklace – so fantastic and colorful. I would wear it everyday if I owned, great way to bring subtle color in.

  2. aw…how you find the most amazing pieces. that necklace is so wonderful.

  3. Ashley Pe Says:

    Such cute finds! The bag and necklace are so unique. I would love to exchange links! My fashion blog, EB Rue, can be found at
    Thank you!,

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