Easy breezy

June 20, 2007

Maria Bonita Extra at LanguageVanessa BarrantesDeborah SweeneySarah Luna
(Dresses from Language)

As the air gets heavy with summer, I rejoice at the thought of wearing dresses, only dresses, all the time. This is a time where I wholeheartedly relish being a girl. Easy breezy slip-on pieces have been spelling sweet relief in the heat. All hail the summer dress. For many, the hunt for perfect summer dresses began long ago, but I’m always looking to pad the collection and came upon Language, where a bevy of brilliant summer dresses await. Loving the Sarah Luna and Maria Bonita Extra pieces. Big plus: get 15% off regular priced merch with the coupon code “minirobot”…sweeet.


One Response to “Easy breezy”

  1. definitely! the sarah luna and maria bonita’s make me do the cha cha cha!

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