Paring down

May 8, 2007

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I have always had the fantasy of living a pared down, minimal lifestyle/livingspace. I feel I have always been blessed with the luxury of plentiful personal space and have accordingly filled up my allotment with tons of stuff. But being in apartments in more dense cities like New York or Tokyo, I have come to admire the creative thinking required of people living in tight quarters -a topic increasingly featured in editorials in Dwell and the like. The desire to have just the necessities, and have them properly tucked away in their right place with space absolutely maximized, is pulling me in.

The book Tokyo, a Certain Style has always been a good point of reference. The apartments documented in the little book belong to real people, they often aren’t pretty, but they are pretty incredible in that in a city where space per capita is among the lowest of any metropol, people know how to manage with a high personal possessions to low personal space ratio. It’s a book my cousin always has milling around and whenever I would re-encounter it, I would spend a long time poring over its contents and after, thinking about the idea of limited space and lots of stuff.

I will be spending some time in Europe, checking some things out and mulling over minimalism. The stops: Berlin, Cologne, Eindhoven. If a move overseas is in the stars, much paring down is in order as the Dutch live slim. This time ’round, I’ll be bringing a single small carry-on, but will inevitably return with an additional bag obese with goodies if I don’t watch myself -so I’ll keep my personal challenge in check. Blogging will hopefully be not too sporadic.


3 Responses to “Paring down”

  1. eurobrat Says:

    Have a wonderful time…

  2. big ambitions for the summer. have fun and share all your lovely finds.

    you know, a permanent bed neighbor also keeps the clutter in check.

    happy travels!

  3. Mayu Says:

    Living slim?
    Sound great.
    Hope you feel the same on your way back.
    Personal Challenge!!!

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