Praise & worship

April 26, 2007

(I have faith in you, Hope)

How many labels do classics in the most utterly perfect, slightly avant and on point way? Few, I would say. But then I happened upon a Hope leather jacket (the ‘Teddy’) and I knew I could believe again. The leather appeared black in the dark light of the boutique, but the colour was labeled blue and I was enraptured. I had thought the quest for the perfect leather jacket ended when I scored a secondhand number, but being a stickler for detail I wasn’t quite satisfied. The Hope jacket has a bit of god in its gorgeous details and would definitely quell my thirst.

And so the story goes, the rest of the collection is table-thumping good (who does simple better than the Swedes?), and their stuff for dudes scores big for being not too dandy and superbly clean cut. I’m a sucker for good names, and I’d put down money for a shirt called Lebowski anyday.


One Response to “Praise & worship”

  1. you know you’re on to something when you describe it as a bit of god…..

    now that is avant and on point!

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