Making peace

April 19, 2007

(Bernhard Willhelm at Seven)

This silly legging debate has gone on too long. Let’s just have fun with fruits and flowers.


5 Responses to “Making peace”

  1. jessica Says:

    These are really funny. I wear leggings everyday into my boots. All I wear are dresses, leggings, and boots…I might have to rock these though I am a little gun shy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope we can catch up and chat real soon. Pop me a line when you can!

  2. minirobot Says:

    thank you also for visiting! yes these leggings are pretty awesome though i wonder if i could pull them off…worth a try

  3. kara Says:

    Haha I love it.

  4. Wife On Mars Says:


    We just started a new blog and were wondering if we could put you in our links list. If not, let us know.
    Molly and Lola

  5. minirobot Says:

    sure, thanks for visiting! i tried to comment on your blog but i don’t have a blogger account.

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