The score

April 18, 2007

Also known as, why I love vintage shopping. I’ve put together a compare and contrast exercise of “which would you rather?” seeing that these scores closely resemble new stuff. Vintage reigns supreme.



6 Responses to “The score”

  1. it’s a happy dance with these uber cute (and bargain priced) shoes!

  2. Diane Says:

    I love that shoe, top left corner. I have something similar but aren’t lowtops…, *swooon*

  3. lady coveted Says:

    wow, i’ve been searching hi and lo for oxfords like that. great sandals, i mean really great sandals. you just can’t get enough shoes… believe me i’m trying.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Do I see a 3.99 price tag on those shoes…cool.

  5. minirobot Says:

    $3.99 thanks to Value Village! the constant incoming flow of shoes to my house is crazy…it’s gotta stop.

  6. minirobot Says:

    The oxfords are vintage Paloma. Made in Italy! I recently scored another pair on eBay, so I might let the whites go.

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