These boots were made for mopping

March 20, 2007

Does the punishment fit the crime? Via Guardian:

For a celebrity who has endured a barrage of bad press over the incident a year ago, Ms Campbell pulled off her entry to the warehouse at Pier 36 with considerable aplomb. She wore six-inch stiletto heels – believed to be Christian Louboutin, with their characteristic red soles – brown leggings, a black coat and hat and sunglasses. 

The perfect finishing touch was a pair of calf-high black combat boots, replete with scratch marks, slung nonchalantly over her shoulder. How many hundred dollars did it cost to buy them, and how many hours of master cobbling did it take to scuff them up?

Inside the warehouse, and out of the reach of press lenses, Ms Campbell changed into her boots and donned the standard issue gloves, dust mask and fluorescent safety vest. Then she was assigned her tasks for the day, at which point the full weight of her penance must have become evident to her.

Albert Durrell, a sanitation department deputy chief, explained that she would be asked to sweep and mop the warehouse floor, the locker rooms and windows. And yes, he said, “if they are dirty she will be cleaning toilets”.



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