Stumbling over myself

March 18, 2007


Yes, I am crazy for gingham. Just as I had poo-poo’ed Etoile by Isabel Marant as too feminine for my taste to a friend fresh from Paris, an Etoile blue gingham number popped up in Creatures of Comfort‘s new arrivals. I plopped it into my cart and waited a mere half day before making the purchase to discover that I was definitely not alone in my love of gingham. Like a dagger through the heart, my purchase was denied.

Then it dawned on me. The garment is much more flouncy than I am accustomed, and not particularly my style, but I had a flashback: my mum made all of my baby bedding in a mint green gingham with contrasting patches of a rosebud print. Through I am staunchly ungirly in dress, I admit I have a weakness for both gingham and florals. Perhaps I am a prep in denial, but childhood dressing memories do play a part in who I wear today. I also really like overalls -but can’t really pull them off without looking like I’m 12- I wore them as a kid and had a great time in them. Perhaps I just want to recreate those carefree times. Though I’d be happy not to revisit some high school fashions, many that I sported as a kid are welcome back anytime in some form. Any memorable garments from childhood still ring true for you?


8 Responses to “Stumbling over myself”

  1. eurobrat Says:

    Oh, I hate when that happens… but I’m not so crazy about gingham. Can’t pull off overalls either.

  2. minirobot Says:

    i bet if you were swaddled in gingham you’d be afflicted like me – you’d either love it to bits or have an intense aversion to it.

  3. kara Says:

    Know what you mean, there’s certain color combos that take me back and I just love. A comforter that lingered around my house with a pink tiny floral print that makes me always long for delicate sheets despite my typically bold preferences.
    And I can only strive for half the style my mom rocked me in as a kid, osh gosh for sure.

  4. eurobrat Says:

    haha, perhaps 🙂

  5. the_kitten Says:

    well, I used to wear leggings every day when I was a kid. and voila, it struck me again (just read my Leggings Only Discussion post and u know where it led me). as for other stuff I wore in my childhood I cannot remember clearly how it influences me today.

    But if you want to know another story concerning your question:
    my mother’s boyfriend had shaped him completely in some parts fashionwise, leading to his refusal to buy one piece in different colors (though it could not be avoided at H&M when his fave pullover shrinked in his dryer) or being disgusted with some cuts and color-combos or my faible for leggings cause his not so thin mother wore them one too many times in the 80ies

    well, this was a long comment…

  6. minirobot Says:

    but always appreciated! ha ha!

  7. the ue Says:

    childhood outfit:

    red cowboy boots, floral skirt with lace detail and a “my daddy went to guam and all he bought me was this crummy tshirt”

    modern day:

    vintage indian peacock print wrap skirt, 1970s worker boots and a tshirt that says “outlaw”

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