Arty films

March 9, 2007

The 25th annual Festival international du film sur l’art began yesterday, kicked off with the screening of the just completed Citizen Lambert: Jeanne d’architecture. It is a playful portrait of Phyllis Lambert, the doyenne of the Canadian architectural landscape, and at its 52 minute length, definitely watchable. I especially enjoyed the parts where she speaks of dressing in her youth, during her Vasser years, when she had couture dresses made to measure – wonder if her costume archive is as extensive as the architecture archive at the CCA?

I think I’ll be catching a few films over the course of the festival; they always have a very well rounded selection of docs. The programme this year runs the gamut from films on Warhol, the Chelsea Hotel, Mapplethorpe, and David LaChapelle to Rem Koolhaas, Danish artist Erik Frandsen and Krzysztof Kieslowski. Lots to keep one busy and entertained.

On a technical note: the layout was acting funny, so it has been temporarily changed.


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