Return of the bodysuit

March 6, 2007

I remember a time when bodysuits were au courant. Worn with perms, easy fit/tapered jeans, big southwestern silver belt buckles; they were somewhat inconvenient, but every girl had them. Against all odds, bodysuits seem to be slowly seeping back into our collective consciousness, and I even witnessed their praises sung by someone recently who described with enthusiasm the merits of wearing a white button down/bodysuit with suits (no more bunching of tucked in shirts!), and their inherent disadvantages (having to get down and fumble with the snaps). She was convincing, but then again, I rarely have occasion to wear a suit.

MiuMiu slipped one in to their show, one disguised as a tunic length cardigan with of course, crotch snaps for convenience -the crotch buttons however seem to be purely for show. Here the bodysuit is prominently displayed for full effect sans bottoms with some great sky high spectators. (The footwear was fabulous; I have so gone oxford crazy).



5 Responses to “Return of the bodysuit”

  1. there are a few things that catch my envy. this posting and the one about grandma panties are two that make me all gitty and jealous inside.

    bunched up socks and those oxford heels in pic two send me to la la oxford land!

    c’est magnifique!

  2. the_kitten Says:

    really love your blog and your sense of style! please keep going like this! regards!

  3. kara Says:

    I think my raging obsession with oxfords and boat shoes started with shoe shopping with my boyfriend for a boat trip and thinking shit…why don’t they have these in my size?! And now they are everywhere.
    PS – I so remember pleading the mom for a bodysuit in 5th grade and still have a pic of me with frizzy hair in a white one I must post someday soon.

  4. minirobot Says:

    I got a sweet pair of vintage lilac suede boatshoes last summer (the soles are suede too), my heart just melted when I laid eyed on them. I almost want to preserve their innocence by keeping them as indoor shoes…

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