The Carrot, aka Mom jeans?

March 2, 2007

When faced with the gut-wrenching decision of choosing between Acne Hex Lena jeans or the Hug Clears, I chose the Lenas. The Hugs are certainly not a sexy cut in the conventional sense, but definitely are a particular look. I’m still into them, but in my gossip rag cruising (sure, I admit I occasionally indulge), I noticed that Lohan is into them as well. The cuff is a bad choice as is keeping the size tag on. Carrot jeans or Mom jeans? You decide. Whatever popular opinion might be, I still like them and would probably wear them quite often on grubby days (on the increase, as of late).  They definitely are a prickly and divisive style.


3 Responses to “The Carrot, aka Mom jeans?”

  1. the_kitten Says:

    I once wore some carrot jeans to school and think it was quite fashion forward of me but still I kept looking at my female teachers recognizing we are wearing the same style of jeans and I felt pretty uncomfortable, fearing any of my classmates would point it out.
    I would wear carrot jeans more baggy, like or or
    as you may see it’s a quite popular jeans cut in Japan.
    regards ^^

  2. minirobot Says:

    That’s funny and so true: dowdy teachers have been wearing them for years, but so have the hipsters in daikanyama! those shots are exactly how i imagine them to be worn. thanks for those.

  3. kw Says:

    i have had a pair of the hugs for a year now and love them. i have to admit that i was hesitant to wear them for a while–i bought them in europe where they were perfectly hip, but once i got back home i focused too much on the mom-jeans-ness of them and stuck to my skinny jeans. fortunately i got over it–they are super flattering in the derriere and unbelievably comfortable. and now that even jcrew is making “cowboy” jeans in the same style, i’m sure all of my friends mocking mom jeans will be eating their words soon.

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