February 11, 2007

(photo Derek Lam)

Derek Lam‘s navy pencil button down dress is the stuff of saving pennies, scrimping, and eating canned beans and instant ramen for months (thanks Kara). I read this short interview with Lam in nymag and my head cocked a bit in bewilderment at the clickthrough link entitled: ‘Are Asian Designers a Trend?’ A fucking dumb question, but Lam diplomatically responded to it and some others with much aplomb. A reader’s comment on the interview was quite funny: “‘are asian designers a trend?’ That’s like saying white people are a staple. isn’t this nymag? You should be pretty on top of your semantics, seriously. ” I’m not sure what the question was trying to get at exactly, but if it was to perhaps address the fact that bigger opportunities for minorities are slowly opening up in the fashion industry and are thus gaining more exposure than ever before, it certainly could have been articulated better.


3 Responses to “Semantics”

  1. there’s no way i could fit into this if i ate instant ramen for one month.

  2. minirobot Says:

    I was just thinking of being thrifty, but eating beans and sapporo ichiban would probably defeat the purpose. Why not just fast, right?

  3. mi Says:

    asian designers… thats funny shit
    I also read in the nytimes a few years back that
    dating asian men was a trend,
    the trend never really took off i guess…

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