The New Hooligans

February 6, 2007

(via The Guardian)

I just read a funny article by Simon Mills in The Guardian, examining and questioning how these much hyped designer-chain capsule collections have changed the face of shopping. Shoppers are likened to a pack of ravenous wolves hungry for designer pieces at bargain prices, and not only that, but are eager participants in a new brand of full contact sport.

I am a scavenger myself, albeit a lazy one who trolls eBay by night and hunts through dark and dank (but thankfully empty) vintage shops by day. I am absolutely adverse to any consumer-related activity that could cause bodily harm. I witnessed a ridiculous event at Magasin in Copenhagen who, in celebration of a big anniversary were rolling out a rack an hour of highly covetable items at bargain basement prices. I stuck around for the hand to strike the hour and what I saw was utter craziness that made me laugh and want to weep at the same time: Perfectly respectable, prim and proper mature women were mauling and out-fighting everyone including the scrappiest of teens. I stood back and watched the fuzzy blur of movement continue for what was actually a very brief few minutes. It made me a bit queasy.

What is most ridiculous though is that these clothes are likely to be discarded and forgotten within a season, and will perhaps end up clogging the racks at thrift stores – thereby limiting space for authentic thrift. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.


2 Responses to “The New Hooligans”

  1. eurobrat Says:

    It brings back scary memories of scratching and hair pulling at H&M (Stella’s line) a while back.

  2. an interesting spin on the idea of woman as gatherer.

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