Heart on the lobes

February 5, 2007

Though my lobes are pierce free, these melting heart earrings by Yayoi Forest are a pair I would have in my jewellry box, and adorning my ears.

I also love their Lace ring – it resembles the style of rings my aunt makes and made for my parents’ wedding bands. It’s a nice take on her style with a couple of little baubles added for good measure.


5 Responses to “Heart on the lobes”

  1. kara Says:

    Wow, I thought I was practically the only woman on earth without pierced ears. I decided to tattoo stars on them a year ago.
    Love those hearts though I must say!

  2. minirobot Says:

    I thought so too. Good to know I have company – though I nearly folded a few years back when all the earrings seemed to be calling my name and telling me they were pretty and such fun.

  3. patticakes Says:

    Oh my! if i buy these, will this mean that boys will flock to lick them off my adorned lobes? they are sooo precious!

  4. minirobot Says:

    Oh Patsy, but of course!

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