Supply and demand

January 10, 2007


My general feeling on fur is that if it’s vintage, it’s okay. In other words, the blood’s not on my hands. The topic has always a source of lengthy debate, but apparently sales are on the increase even while big design houses are dropping fur from their collections. Though I would never choose to swathe myself in mink – or rabbit for that matter (RIP Blossom)- like the gentleman pictured here, I’m not opposed to the idea of recycled and/or reused fur. Case in point, the gem pictured. It went for a hefty $350 on eBay, and well worth it; the details are just amazing and it is simply a beautiful jacket. Plus with my recycled fur hood in full effect, my head’s never been toastier.


One Response to “Supply and demand”

  1. let’s hope global warming gives you enough opps to show off this baby off. i love the twist buttons!

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