Serpent care

December 12, 2006

(illustrations by Lynsey McCafferty and Matthew Forsythe)

Since a great deal of partying is likely to be done in this dress, a bit of pre/after care will be in order as sequins will inevitably be lost. To avoid a glorious sprinkle of gold trailing you wherever you may go, I am told that a light all-over spritz of hairspray is effective in combatting sequin loss. Perhaps this is a widely known fact already, but I’ve never owned a sequined garment before so this is news to me.


4 Responses to “Serpent care”

  1. you got the dress! we’ll have to have a rundown on how you made this sequined yumminess work.

  2. Lynsey Says:

    wooo that’ll be my illustration then! how did you stumble across that? surprise! x

  3. minirobot Says:

    Hi Lynsey! I came across it doing a google image search for “hairspray” and found your lovely portfolio of illustrations. I really like your style.

  4. Lynsey Says:

    Thank you so much! I shall let you know when I get my new website up.

    p.s love the dress I really wanted that for Christmas parties!

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