Riddle me this

December 8, 2006

(Tom Scott: This is how you do it)

I like old man trousers. A bit high waisted and pleated. What vexes me is the appropriate footwear to counteract the oldman-ness of the pants. Flip flops and rolled up cuffs are nice in the summertime. Any pump or sandal such as these568_regular
or a general shoe would work also, but what does when do when one enters into boot territory? I can see a round-toe heeled ankle boot with a subtle platform, but these pants don’t have the same versatility with footwear as slimmer trousers.

The look is done right here in Tom Scott‘s Spring/Summer ’07 collection – and what a nice pair of pants they are. Nevertheless, once again we’re only entering the dead of winter and the shelving of all pretty shoes. So then that makes me vexed even still.


3 Responses to “Riddle me this”

  1. eurobrat Says:

    That is such a beautiful ensemble… I think you would need the long model body to pull it off, but I’d like to give it at try…

  2. this outfit makes me sigh. high waisted, rolled cuffs and pleats. monsieur scott was able to take elements of fugly slacks and turn it into a near-masterpiece. you know you’re good when you can make ugly into pretty.

  3. minirobot Says:

    i think all you need is a waist and you’re good to go.

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